Avani (avani) wrote,

Holy monkey balls does wedding planning suck. I am convinced this is why divorce is unheard of in India. This is nuts!

The good news is that the cards are *finally* being ordered, and might even make it here from India in some decent time. The delay was layers of family politics involving who in India would have the dubious honor of handling the order, and who of my relatives had to (or couldn't) have their names on the cards in order to offend the smallest number of people, combined with how Indian and religious the cards should be. Its like I'm trapped in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

We went to New Jersey Saturday, where I picked out my paneter (gujarati wedding sari) and mangarsutra (mine is pretty ... I'll put a picture up when the jeweler is done with it (and of the sari when the tailor is done :-P)). My mother also bought a very pretty white gold set, and while she haggled (she is amazing at this. She got about $400 taken off the price of my sari, and some obscene number off the jewelery) I got to take pabw and his mother across the street to get spiced sugarcane juice from an old man who's been there unchanging as long as I can remember. Mmmm.

That day we looked at more mandaps, but nothing excited me. I think the first lady we saw had me sold when I noticed her fridge stocked solely with coke, but who knows ;-) . Actually, the other guys I talked to were a little sleazy and completely lacking in good taste. Is there anyone who thinks wood badly airbrushed with craft store quality gold paint looks good? There was a really pretty wood piece, but they'd gold painted it because apparently plain dark hardwood is unfashionable. Idiots. We did like one that was made of copper and silver, but I don't think my mother liked it much (old-fashioned, apparently).

Now, I have to buckle down and do some semblance of work. Its becoming so hard to concentrate on anything except wedding.

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