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Religious symbols

I'm looking at an interfaith meeting poster on the pegboard above me at Winnings. The symbols on it are: Crescent, Star of David, Cross, Om, Sunburst, and a Captain's Wheel. What religion gets a Captain's Wheel? I want in on that.
(Its yellow and 8-pronged, if that helps.)

Edit : Apparently its Buddhism. Thanks, bellwethr!

The man sitting across the room looks to be in his late fifties. He's tall with very dark skin and large, quiet eyes. His hair is down to his waist and hangs in a thick braid of twining black and white across his chest and two more on his back. His hat is dark brown, and looks like an overturned saucepan, about 4 inches high. He has a beard that has the same streaks of white as his hair, but its only about 3 inches long. I'm not sure if the look screams "prophet" or "rastafarian".
He's wearing white pants which are almost completely hidden by a long pink tunic. Its almost a lavender, with low saturation. He is wearing brown sandals. I can't really tell from here what the are made of. When he stands he holds a beautiful wooden walking stick that is about an inch taller than he is.

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