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We did Beethoven's Ninth at the Lensic yesterday and today. It was amazing. There was an intensity to the piece that I've never heard in rehearsal. I was afraid that with never having done an actual complete runthrough, and us meeting the conductor Friday, that it would fall flat. I'm glad I was wrong. The conductor sparked something in his pre-performance lecture. Briefly, his take was that Beethoven meant it as an anthem of peace and prayer to counteract and overlay the alien Turkish march.

I think the rest of my night is going to feel anti-climactic. I'll go offline and write the rest of my concert spiel, because I really doubt its that interesting ;-). I'm turning my phone off, though: I've got *another* 4 hours of practice tomorrow in preparation for the Brahms Requiem (and a bunch of madrigals and Beethoven's Elegy) next weekend.

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