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A little bit of a moment of a nothing.of a time of a day in my life

Or "How I learned to stop worrying and love my friends and my sleep dep"

I'm leaving in 5 hours... I should really consider packing at the same point... and the laundry needs to finish happening for that to happen

I guess I have to incentive of finally going to BC Cafe if ejwu wakes up and/or finishes STEMS early enough. Probably won't happen though, so I don't have to pack for a bit yet :-).

Spent most of tody with Greg. Yea, the dread professor guy. It took a lot of willpower but I finally think I can call him Greg and treat him completely as a friend. He seemed a little annoyed that he didn't get to pay for dinner, but really, I'm making more money than him right now so he really has to right to be. He spent most of Sat/Sun here playing Civ.. hehe, I talked him into starting a game at 7:30 pm.... 10 hours later... :-) Anyways, we talked for a while today, which we hadn't done for a long time. It felt really good: I miss having him around to talk to at all hours of the night when I'm alone in academic.

Hmm.. lost the party in my room. For some inexplicable reason people like doing they're homework in here. Its strange.. but my next project now is to create some space in here, or least a place for people to sit that isn't on top of piles of skanky clothes or my bed ( hmm.. I've had all kinds of people on my bed today, including currently a pair of cute people ;-). csn and his friend David decided to oscillate in my room.. which was amusing with Rick manning the whiteboard. I also had the serene intelligence of ferventdervish permeating the room, along with the fun quirkyness of Steph and random other folks who decided to stop in and check out to the "party". Dan and Lizzie and Pava and Pamela came by later. All in all not a bad evening, but I'm not exactly looking forward to going home.

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