Avani (avani) wrote,

So... since my Grandmother died last fall, I've been observing the tradition of not eating on the 11th day of every moon cycle as a sign of rememberance and respect. Its typically done for a year.

Today is one such day, and so, wired out of my mind since I've "eaten" nothing but black coffee all day, I decided, purely on a whim, to check something.

Yep. July 2nd. Its not even one of those days you can maybe get away with shifting it a day because indian and american days don't exactly overlap. Nope. Its a plain old "you're not eating" agyaras (agyar = 11). *facepalm*

At least if I pass out at my wedding, I'll be keeping in tradition (my mother passed out at hers from dehydration and stress, apparently...)

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