Avani (avani) wrote,

I blame inferno0069

... along with my startling inability to get any work done this afternoon ...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. arthur c. clarke:
    By far my favorite author growing up. A mishelved copy of Childhood's End was the first sci-fi book I read, and it still lingers with me.
  2. coke:
    Mmmm.. Coke.
  3. computers:
    I like knowing how they work, and I like thinking about what they could be capable of.
  4. east dorm:
    My home for 4 wonderful years.
  5. harvey mudd:
    A larger version of the above, though most of my fondness for the school is strongly tied to my fondness for the dorm.
  6. learning:
    I'm interested in learning new things as well as the larger problem of how learning works, and what exactly it means to learn something. What can learn? What is knowledge? I could go on and on..
  7. mathematics:
    The prettiest science.
  8. offspring:
    I was very much into this band in high school.
  9. reading:
    Reading is good. More reading is better.
  10. snow:
    It makes the trees glow.

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