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Feersum Endjinn

I finally finished Feersum Endjinn by Ian M Banks last night. I've been reading this on and off for a few weeks now because it was the first book by Banks I've come across that I really haven't enjoyed the physical act of reading. If any of you have read Me Talk Pretty One Day, imagine writing that is an unholy combination of his earliest efforts combined with l33t-speak. I understand the need to make a point, but even Banks can't pull off decent writing when restricted to the style of a 12 year old with an IM client.

I really liked the premise(s) of the book, however, and it should say something that I kept reading it regardless of the style. I need to see if there are other books in this particular corner of his universe, because there are lots of interesting open questions. I was disappointed that this book lacked the subtle subplot / moment of revelation his better books have. I think he relied too much on the broken English and in effect gave away too much of his hand early on.

Overall, probably worth reading thru, but I'd pick a better book, such as Use of Weapons, as an introduction to his writing.
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