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I really need to find a way to upload a picture of myself onto ICQ so lonely single Indian guys stop IMing me.


I mean, occasionally is fine, but I haven't *once* managed to sign on even for a few minutes without somebody pouncing me who I don't want to talk to. It wouldn't be so bad if every single one hadn't asked when I planned to get married in the first 3 or 4 questions.
Then, even if I say I'm married, they ask a million questions about the guy, his job, why I don't have kids, etc. Indian guys have no tact or respect for women as people.

And I mean from India, not ethnically Indian.

I feel a longer rant hidden under this, but I've got to get going. In case anyone was wondering though, this is why I tend to feel wierd starting ICQ conversations. I'd hate to be that person to somebody else.

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