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New Mexican food

Whenever something is labeled a "New Mexican specialty", its likely to be covered in green chilies, specially oriented to provide maximum surface area for chilies, deep fried, or, even more commonly, all three. Enchiladas have a completely different meaning here. Also, apparently, does this soup. Its covered in green chilies, in a shallow bowl with more chilies on the side, and there is a layer of oil covering all of it. Its called New Mexican Clam Chowder.

During the summer, most street corners and all grocers have chili roasters waiting for on demand chili action. You buy them by the crate, and they freeze for over a year without any noticeable degradation of quality. At least, none that you can notice, given that these are on par with my grandmother's chilies.

As a result, everyone has them. Green chili bagels get their own rack in the grocery store. Restaurants advertise today's chili combinations, in both popular colors. Papa John's will put green chili on your pizza without batting an eye. You can get chili tea infusions, chocolate covered chilies, even scented candles. And, apparently, you can get some interesting chowder.
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