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No STEMS tomorrow!

Spring break was wonderful.

I came very close to having it extended by a day. A freak storm hit the southwest and delayed many flights. I missed my connection in LAX, and ended up on standby for a flight that ended up itself being 2 hours late. I spent the entire plane ride helping the kid next to me with his numerical analysis homework. I'm surprised at how I'm willing to code in Matlab for others, but not for a grade (at least, considering how sci.comp. generally didn't even make the scratch space on the back of the list). I made my connection, and came home at 2:30 this morning, watching the weather go from light drizzle to heavy snow in the time it took for me to drive home. I love watching snow. It would probably have been clever to go inside and get a sweater before spending 15 minutes outside trying to catch snowflakes in a tanktop and sandals, but I still think it was well worth it.

Today, I got to alternate dealing with e-mail, wishing that I'd cleaned my fridge and sink and counters before leaving for 10 days, and throwing up whenever the smell got too strong. Exciting, I know. I canceled my research meeting because of that last bit, and because I suck. Luckily, I think the advisor was relieved to have an extra hour today.

I had lots of fun meeting up with and spending time with Bay Area friends. There were some great conversations and much overall fun. Since I never mean it when I say "I'll post later", here are some highlights:

  • V for Vendetta is awesome! I feel a little sacreligious saying this, but I enjoyed the movie more than the comic. At least, I like Evee's character much more, despite the fact that she was played by Natalie Portman. I also really liked how V himself was portrayed. They gave him a name in the movie, which is kinda lame, but other than that, he's perfect. Mmm.. I want to see this again.

  • On Thursday, ejwu,pabw, and I met up with linley and her eqe at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. It was the opening night of the SF Fetish Ball, so the people-watching was good for a while. Otherwise, the club wasn't terribly exicting. According to eqe, it is better most nights, so I may try again sometime. It's a neat looking place. There are terminals everywhere, and the main room almost expects a techno-industrial soundtrack, ala "The Matrix".

  • Saturday night, komaheian, ejwu, our heroine, and the cutie who lets her crash at his place drove to Santa Cruz to see Girly Man, who are described on their google hit as "Imagine the Indigo Girls got together with Paul Simon and created Peter, Paul and Mary - only sexier." Its somewhat accurate. Even for an off night, they were fairly good. Great 3-part harmonization. Also, it was great, if a little strange, to listen to a flamingly gay man sing "Son of a Preacher Man"

Also, right before I left, I hit a Chipotle to get some plane food. I stood up, looked the server in the eye as I strained to see over the counter, and ordered 5 burritos, saying they were all for me without missing a beat. The look he gave me was priceless. (for the unfamiliar, a Chipotle burrito is something like a spicy meat and rice filled baby. About a third of one is a filling meal for me.) I think I'll go have one now...

(the title is from when I started the post last night. Sadly, its all gone today)
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