Avani (avani) wrote,

Song meme redux

    4. No, no, no, no, no.
    7. Rains came pounding us down again.
    8. Your love starts fallin' down; Better change your tune.
    9. I thought that you'd be here by now
    10. I am waiting for the telephone, to tell me I'm alive.

1. bennj, greyowl, profgreg, and maybe jmpava
2. jmpava and coraa
3. neonelephant and coraa
5. bennj, profgreg, and amoken
6. greyowl, profgreg

EC1: ziqueenmab, jeffspender, and amoken
EC2: mbrubeck and jmpava

So, assuming that's right, jmpava and profgreg need to have a deathmatch now. My money is on jmpava.

  1. Simon & Garfunkel -=- America
  2. Les Misérables -=- Dog Eats Dog
  3. Pat Benatar -=- Heartbreaker
  4. Creedance Clearwater Revival -=- Commotion
  5. Doors -=- L.A. Woman
  6. Vonda Shepard -=- Vincent
  7. Rusted Root -=- Martyr
  8. Van Halen -=- Dreams
  9. Avril Lavigne -=- I'm with you
  10. Counting Crows -=- Daylight Fading


  1. Foo Fighters -=- Everlong
  2. The Dead Milkmen -=- Stuart


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