Avani (avani) wrote,

Ask LJ (odds and ends)

So, plans are falling together, and I should be driving from Albuquerque to Bay Area starting next Sunday, accompanied by profgreg. I'll also have my cat in the car with me.. and, so here's the question:

Does anyone have advice for road-tripping with cats? How did you handle feeding/emptying the thing? Do they go ballistic after a few hours stuck in a carrier?

Other plans:
1. LA (E3!) : 5/10 -> 5/14
2. Drive to Sunnyvale: 5/14 -> 5/16
3. Pennsylvania, to introduce pabw to my mother's other 4 sisters: 5/17->5/27
4. 5/28: Sleep, and proclaim loudly how I never want to travel again...

Finally, I have a new phone with the same number. I am now up to 5 whole contacts on the phone. If you want me to have your number, can you send it to me? Merci beaucoup.
Tags: cat, travel

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