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Obligatory AX2006 post

Though I should probably follow donaithen's lead and journal last weekend (ABL) first, I fear that I'll lose both if I don't write at least a little now.

I spent last weekend at Anime Expo, a huge gathering of otaku in Anaheim. Overall, it seemed like this year the anime screenings and panels weren't terribly strong, with the better ones being timed to overlap the main events.

This didn't really effect me, as the only one of the main events that I saw was the AMV show. To paraphrase coraa, *Too Much Naruto*. I liked a lot more of the action and drama vids than I tend to. The comedy category was a little lame... too many (read: all) of the videos relied on silly campy songs instead of exploiting neat juxtapositions or anything else specific to the anime. Also, 2 AMVs in the finals in the same category in the same year to the song "Ultimate Showdown" is just not acceptable.

Much of the down time was spent hanging out with neko_geek, rfujiyama, and the usual crowd of LA folk. I saw pooshlmer for I believe the first time since graduation. He was hanging out in the game room, and kindly taught me the jist of Modern Art while playing LoTR. I also played Alhambra and Caylus over the weekend, both times getting soundly beaten by neonelephant.

We did a lot of shopping at the show. I bought as much Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo as I could find after seeing the first disc. Its a *very* loose adaptation, but something about the art style is very gripping. I'm a little worried that I'm being distracted by the art and missing plot, but yay for replay value. I also bought the new Lupin the Third disc, some random Kajiura Yuki soundtracks, and a SEPHIROTH doll with poseable hair (why yes, I did just go back to change that to all caps). Also, I learned that wearing a Fujiko costume, however bad, will still get you treated well at the Exhibit Hall...

On Friday pabw and I celebrated our 1st anniversary. He took me to Catal in Downtown Disney, which was excellent, and then we went to a Zebrahead concert that he'd gotten tickets to as a surprise. This was especially sweet since pabw doesn't really care for music or concerts... in fact he actively dislikes them. I feel well taken care of and very loved. Hopefully I'll write another post on this.

We flew back on Tuesday, and ended up driving straight to Sacramento to see the firworks with my cousin, his wife, and my family. This is probably another post's worth of idea.. but for some reason watching the fireworks this year gave me an itch to re-read the Federalist Papers. I might even read them before I get to the copy of Kushiel's Scion that showed up in the mail today.

At the moment, I'm sleeping in the living room while my parents are in town. I should get back to this sleeping thing. Over and out.

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