Avani (avani) wrote,

Attn: Bay Area folks

I'm packing and leaving this weekend (driving Sunday morning), so tonight is effectively my last night around here.

I'm going to go see the free performance by the Shakespeare in the Park folks at 16055 Sanborn Rd., Saratoga, 95070 tonight. The performance starts at 7pm.

Right now its me, pabw, and possibly vrable, but it would be really neat if I could get a large group together. I've got picnic blankets, and recently found a local pizza place of awesome. If pizza isn't your thing, rumor has it that there are snacks and wine there.

Comment / let me know by 5, so I get a good pizza count.

(Naturally, the week before I leave, I find a pizza place that I can keep down the cheese at, and a thai place that tastes like what my holy grail plus a few health ratings would... c'est la vie )

Alternatively, feel free to stop by and distract me from packing tomorrow ;-)

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