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Uncomfortable in my Shell

About A Children's Tale

Previous Entry Uncomfortable in my Shell Sep. 24th, 2026 @ 09:18 pm Next Entry
take a penny
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Date:September 25th, 2006 09:05 pm (UTC)

So though I use vim for everything else, when I'm doing lispish programming I use emacs (or xemacs more likely) in native mode. It really is quite excellent in many ways. And using it has made me significantly better at navigating emacs-mode command line editing.

That's heartening. I've used Emacs for its multi-language support, but I've never really given it a fair shot as an editor (my one experience with Lisp was traumatic enough as is ... highly optimized uncommented implementatation-specific research-level code). Did you use Viper, or did you manage to teach yourself out of the automatic vim keystrokes?

At least one of them used Viper in that horrible "vi for dummies" way, "ESC ESC xxxxxxxxxifoo ESClllllllllllxxxxxxx".


Though.. I kinda want to see "vi for Dummies". I can imagine a book like that being hilarious.
(take a penny)
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