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Ask LJ

My trusty generic mouse recently beat it, and I didn't really worry about replacing it immediately. I don't need any fancy cordless action or scrolling or any of that nonsense. I just want a simple optical 3-button mouse. They've been around for ages. Its not like a product that the unix geeks of the world are comfortable with will just disappear of the face of the Earth, right? Right?


I've looked everywhere. Frys, Amazon, Froogle... nothing. As far as my amateur shopping eyes can see, they don't bloody exist. And so, here I am, pulling the last source I can think of. Do any of you know of (or have and are willing to part with), a mouse that:

  • Is optical.
  • Has a real middle button. (I don't like the fake "you can push on the scrollwheel" nonsense. My ideal mouse doesn't have one of those annoying things).
  • Is cheaper than this: http://www.contourdesign.com/pmo/

Update: Apparently, I'm not the only one who has this problem: http://www.scarydevil.com/~peter/io/mice.html

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