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long day

What I did today:

- Went to GREs at 8:00 am. Decided that Networks and Graph Theory are the 2 most useful classes I've taken and Architecture is the most useful class I've not taken. All in all I didn't do any worse than on the practice. Only 5 questions with the word "pipeline" in them, and those didn't require too much special knowledge though with my luck recently I probably missed them all.
- Went to San Dimas to find a place that sells fenugreek. Ended up with a bunch of caffeinated mints instead ;-)
- Broke into the Scripps music office. Didn't realize that it was that easy to jimmy open a door.
- Made a marinade.
- Sang a piece about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, with a dying swan thrown in for flavor.
- Realized about halfway through the piece that our new outfits for this year are appropriate for taverns... and held my folder a little higher.
- Went to CaseMas, and drank just enough that I was willing to throw snowballs at the DB chair. Also discovered that even Triple sec is good with hot choclate. Really good, though it might just have been nice warm choclate.
- Played cards, badly, which convinced me to come back to East and put off watching old samurai movies till tomorrow ( for csn's sake.. really :-). Time for more grad school apps instead.

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