Avani (avani) wrote,

Obligatory Election Post

From Misc

The two Senate races that are still close are Montana and Virginia. Even if the Republicans win the Senate at this point, they are going to have a lot more trouble bullying their policies through.

Its not all good news. There were terrible ballot measures galore, and almost all of them indicate that the "moral majority" is still out there and actively voting. I really hope to one day meet someone intelligent who can argue against gay marraige without falling back on religion. I completely don't understand where the opposition comes from.

Anti-stem cell research and anti-abortion voters I sympathize with a little. If you don't know much biology (hell, even if you do), its very hard to differentiate the point where embryo becomes person. I'm sure plenty of them feel like they're doing the only moral thing they can. The anti-gay folks just baffle me.

Now, to go home and properly celebrate the removal of a certain bit of splooge from the Senate with some Jaeger, Milk, and bitters.

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