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Singapore - F*cking with Clusters

About Singapore

Previous Entry Singapore Dec. 19th, 2026 @ 03:04 am Next Entry
I just got off a 21 hour flight between SFO and SIN. The plane stopped in Seoul, where I got to play the fun "No, I'm not going to get up and walk off the plane Mr. Customs man". Game's great fun when the other guy insists on playing in Korean. On a more positive note, the in-flight learn-a-language system was very handy.

Singapore airport has these 15 minute Internet kiosks everywhere, in addition to free chair massages, a free movie theater, and actual gardens. I'm impressed. There is even a store here that specializes in selling fountain pens! (and is open at whatever godawful hour this is) I bet I'll be less excited 7 hours from now when I have to get onto a plane again (its a 5.5 hour flight to Mumbai from here), but right now I'm off to explore the airport some more.
Current Location: Singapore Airport
Current Music: 80's pop
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