Avani (avani) wrote,

You can take the Student out of Grad School ...

I think I've inadvertently tuned my brain to tie malnutrution to academic progress. Something like "Hmm, I'm getting fed sugar-water and espresso. If I think, I get fed better food much sooner".

Case in point: after a pretty slow academic beginning this week, the last 2 days I actually made some thought-progress on my problem. The major differences seem to be the food I eat during the workday (breakfast and lunch). For your amusement (and possibly my medical records):
  • Wednesday: 1/4 of an avocado and a Coke.
  • Thursday: Half a can of Coke and about a 5th of a Milky Way Midnight bar.
  • Friday: A bit of Coke and half a can of tuna with salt and pepper and mint leaves sprinkled on it

(and just so no one is worried, I've been eating most of a Chipotle burrito for dinner every night :-) )

I should do a meta-study on the effects of grad student food on grad students. Have any of you experienced not being able to work as efficiently when you're well fed?
Tags: food, grad, stupidity

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