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On Data Reduction - F*cking with Clusters

About On Data Reduction

Previous Entry On Data Reduction Feb. 9th, 2027 @ 04:52 pm Next Entry
Avani: I'm getting log likelihoods of -600 >_< ... I wanna take this data out back and shoot it.
S.D.: I'm told that hanging up hard disk platters and shooting them with guns is really quite fun.
Avani: Mmmmm; That sounds fantabulous
Avani: I'm totally proposing it for inclusion in our research budget
S.D.: Budget line item: $800-- 30.06 rifle, to massage the data.
Avani: Whatever. Data reduction is a well-accepted practice in machine learning.
Avani: And man am I ready to go reducing.
S.D.: Yeah! You definitely reduce the amount of data if you blow it up!
Avani: Yea. Principal components analysis doesn't hold a candle to a Colt .44
S.D.: Sledgehammer to the RAID array! Whee!
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