Avani (avani) wrote,

Text Clippings on OS X

So, earlier today, in lieu of real work, I went snooping on my computer to try and find out why a bunch of text clippings I had from before my exciting File Vault failure had lost all their contents.

While I still haven't found the answer to the problem at hand, I did discover something very useful while poking around in Finder. I figured out how to copy and paste from text clippings!

It turns out that this problem, which has been bugging me at a low level for years, has already been solved all over the place. However, it still made me happy, so I'm sharing:

(On OS X 10.4.9)

  1. cd /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app
  2. Open objects.xib
  3. Change the line
    <boolean name="noSelection">TRUE</boolean>
    to read:
    <boolean name="noSelection">FALSE</boolean>

Tags: osx, sillylittletrick

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