Avani (avani) wrote,

Schedules and Sojourns

Life is getting a little crazy again. For my own benefit, I'm putting down some dates.

Summer Schedule (updated 5/2):

  • 5/9: Have to be packed in Sunnyvale for the movers.
  • 5/10 &rarr 5/21: East Coast (Baltimore, Elizabethtown, and Pittsburgh)
  • 5/25 &rarr 5/28: Kubla Con
  • 5/29: 1st day at work
  • 6/1: Going to go see Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil at the Slims in SF.
  • 6/16 & 6/17: Vegas, with muir, my mother, and 4 of her sisters.
  • 6/9 &rarr 6/29: Find time to drive to Albuquerque and move out.
  • 6/28 &rarr 7/1: Long Beach
  • 7/7 & 7/8: Something really cool that I'm not telling pabw yet ;-)
  • 7/27 &rarr 7/29: San Diego
  • 8/3 &rarr 8/5: Baltimore, if enough people I know are heading out to the Virgin Music Festival, and I haven't died of exhaustion.
  • 8/17: Possibly a week's vacation...
  • 9/21: Last day at work
  • 9/22: Move to Santa Cruz!

Tags: todo, travels

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