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No iPhone For Me

This NYT article is one of the more in depth iPhone reviews I've come across:


I'm more convinced than ever that its a beautiful phone:

On the iPhone, you don’t check your voice mail; it checks you. One button press reveals your waiting messages, listed like e-mail. There’s no dialing in, no password — and no sleepy robot intoning, “You...have...twenty...one...messages.”
The Web browser, though, is the real dazzler. This isn’t some stripped-down, claustrophobic My First Cellphone Browser; you get full Web layouts, fonts and all, shrunk to fit the screen. You scroll with a fingertip —much faster than scroll bars. You can double-tap to enlarge a block of text for reading, or rotate the screen 90 degrees, which rotates and magnifies the image to fill the wider view.

Finally, you can enlarge a Web page—or an e-mail message, or a photo—by spreading your thumb and forefinger on the glass. The image grows as though it’s on a sheet of latex. [...]

However, this is a deal-breaker:

There’s no memory-card slot, no chat program, no voice dialing. You can’t install new programs from anyone but Apple; other companies can create only iPhone-tailored mini-programs on the Web. The browser can’t handle Java or Flash, which deprives you of millions of Web videos.

Emphasis mine.
I was so excited about getting one of these, but they took away the one feature that I can not do without in a cell phone. It seems like they should have the hardware for it too. There is already functionality to answer calls by squeezing the earbuds just so. I am perplexed as to why they decided not to have that also make a call when you are in a hands-free mode. Right now, the article claims that the push-button instead just skips songs on music playback, which to me seems much less useful.

If it was open for development, I am sure there would be a hack out to fix most of these problems. As someone on an internal work list said, they seem like business decisions instead of engineering issues. This would have been my first time throwing caution to the wind and buying a 1st gen Apple product, but it looks like I'll end up waiting for a few firmware updates at least now before looking at this again.

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