Avani (avani) wrote,

Camera Dump #2: The Fire Arts Festival

Friends have called the Crucible Fire Arts Festival Burning Man super light: Lots of fire, a good dose of randomness, and you still get to go home to a soft bed every night.

It wasn't all flames and, well, flames. There was a booth selling Cool Neon, a type of electro-luminescent wire that is cool to the touch. As I understand it, its just a wire coated in phosphor, wrapped in very thin wires that carry A/C, and then insulated in 2 layers of plastic. The booth had some neat displays:

The focus of the evening was a take on Homer called the Fire Odyssey. Acrobats, musicians, and other artists retold the Odyssey with the help of towering, flammable, effigies of Greek gods and goddesses.

It was hard to concentrate on the story when there was so much going on. My little spray and pray Canon didn't do the greatest job with the lighting at the festival, so you will have to imagine the organ that spewed flame during crescendos, the open-jawed dragon's head that moved up and down without warning, and the firetruck that performed exactly as advertised, complete with flame-throwing firemen. By the end of the night, the world smelled like propane and I'd lost all my good common sense fear of jets of flame.

There was also Dance Dance Immolation:

Many more pictures at the gallery: http://picasaweb.google.com/agadani/FireArts

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