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February 23rd, 2018 - F*cking with Clusters

About February 23rd, 2018

10 Most recently played songs 09:39 am
Poe -=- Today
Enya -=- Lothlorien
Chris Isaak -=- Let Me Down Easy
The Beatles -=- Wild Honey Pie
Linkin Park -=- In the End
Moxy Fruvous -=- Bittersweeet
Tom Petty -=- WildFlowers
Kotoko -=- Shooting Star
Tori Amos -=- Lovesong (Cure cover, live)
Noir OST2 -=- In Peace

... keep in mind that I rarely play this list on random.

Also, if anyone would like to reach castle greyskull on AIM, message SnarfsLoveNest .
Current Music: Yaki Da -=- I Saw You Dancing
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