September 28th, 2019


grad school administrators suck


Its been 2 months and I still have no money! This is not ok. I'm not even in the system, and the OGS people are so hard to get a hold of that if you need them you're pretty much SOL.


My officemate, Akita, was nice enough to walk me down to their office to lay some whoopass, but they're only open from 2-3 so it sorta fell flat, and him and me and my flattened whoopass got to trudge back to our office and try to figure out how I'm going to sign the lease on my new apt without a pay stub.


I went to the CS grad secretary, who said "You still haven't gotten paid? That's terrible! Are you hungry? I have some Cheetos in my office..". And then she realized what she'd said and broke down laughing.