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[RLP] C'était un Rendez-vous

"He passes a minivan in the carpool lane at 102 mph and merges onto California's I-10 headed into Los Angeles with blocks of lit towers to the right and oncoming halogens kaleidoscoping his bleary corneas. But Roy sees only the road ahead and the best path through it, the racing line that shaves fat off the hips of the curves as he apexes them at 100 mph, now 117 past Crenshaw Boulevard, La Brea Avenue at 115. The curve and acceleration is a physical sensation in the gut, and now the city is 10 miles out, now 8, and the turbos spool up and kick and Maher says, "Cop! No — taxi!" while Roy hits 117 past Cloverfield Boulevard [...]"

This is the 9 minute French film that inspired Alex Roy to beat the Cannonball Run record for driving across the country.

I lost count, but the website claims that he ran 16 red lights in the middle of the day in Paris.

Tags: cars, goodidea, rlp

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