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E3 - F*cking with Clusters

About E3

Previous Entry E3 Oct. 23rd, 2027 @ 11:12 am Next Entry
Despite a media invite, I decided to skip out on the E3 successor, E for All, this year. I'm mostly glad I did: it turns out that the show paled in the face of PAX.

However, our intrepid``editor'' braved the crowds and wrote a great summary of the event and his impressions of some upcoming titles.

The bits that made me happiest:

Ninja Gaiden (DS)
I'm not sure if they actually had this one at a kiosk. I downloaded it from the DS demo station and played it when I got home. The demo is basically a tutorial with a fairly OK boss fight, but my impression was that the stylus-based fighting controls really work well, which is something I doubted.

(really, that one makes me happy just for existing)

Castlevania Chronicles or whatever (PSP)
Actually impressively good. The game is absolutely beautiful, easily one of the prettiest 2D sidescrollers I've ever seen, and plays really well. I was slightly annoyed that the whip isn't as useful as it is in Super Castlevania, but you get some magic powers and stuff to compensate. Great old-school action.

I loved both of the DS Castlevania releases, so I'm excited about this one.

There was also reportedly an impressive showing by Sid Meier's team for console-based Civ. I'm still 2 expansions behind on Civ4, so I'm keeping my head firmly in the sand when it comes to Civ news, but I bet there is neat stuff out there if you're into that sort of thing.

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