Avani (avani) wrote,

This Bandwagon is Getting Cramped...

... and I wasn't going to post at all, but apparently it surprises people that the earthquake was noticeable in Santa Cruz. I assure you, you could feel it. I was in a restaurant at the time, and the ground shook, and the lights swayed madly. When I got back to my 6th floor apartment, several light objects had fallen off of their shelves and stacks.

I think the 7.1 quake my freshman year felt worse, in that we could actually feel the aftershocks in Claremont, but this was the worst one I've been in since.

ETA: The most amusing of the 20-odd earthquake posts I read through this morning: http://www.kith.org/journals/jed/2007/10/30/10696.html.

Also, here's a link to report your quake experience to the USGS site.

Tags: earthquake

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