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Protests at UCSC


Some students at UCSC are staging a debate outside the Physical Sciences building right now. Their goal is purportedly to both save trees and stop the biomedical engineering facility that is going up. Apparently another complaint is that biomedical sciences are getting funding at all when this group has been lobbying for 'ethnic studies'. (One of the chants is 'This is UC Santa Cruz', not 'UC Silicon Valley'. Yay anti-tech fanatics).

I like trees, but we're talking 120 acres in the middle of a giant forest. UCSC has plenty of trees, and they are the most environmentally friendly campus I have ever seen. Also, when the protesters climbed the trees they so cared about, they ended up breaking off and dropping large branches to put up their platforms. Geniuses, these guys.

Another tactic they used was to run through Phys. Sci. pulling fire alarms to protest science in general. Result: protesters got maced, and the building got shut down, canceling most classes. Even though we walked past a news van and a large crowd, I didn't piece together what was going on until I couldn't get into the building. They eventually let me into the building and escorted me to the class I'm in now,but I am not entirely sure I'm going to be able to get back out when my class ends...

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