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My phone is exhibiting some really exciting failure modes right now. The buttons that at least occasionally work are highlighted:

I can receive calls, but I can neither make calls nor check messages. I can receive texts, but I can only reply with the canned texts that came with the phone, and that only to numbers in my contacts list.

It's neat and all, but it's time for a new phone. Our contract for Verizon broke when P decided to get an iPhone, so I'm completely free to choose. This is what I have so far:


  • Pros: I already have service with them. The people I call most, my family and thumbie are free since they're in network.
  • Cons: The reception is spotty in my apartment and on campus. Also, all of the new phones I've seen are much more locked down and branded than my current phone.


  • Pros: I'm all set for when iPhone v2 comes out, and I could get shared service with P.
  • Cons: I really don't like the thought of giving AT&T money. They are also pretty locked down.


  • Pros: GSM! Android! Generally less assy about unlocking phones.
  • Cons: Generally inferior reception, though I don't know how they do in SC.

(I've sworn off Sprint after a terrible experience with them a few years ago, and I travel enough that I need access anywhere, so the minor providers aren't a real option)

I don't really care about advanced cell features like phone/pic messages. I do end up making and receiving a lot of calls, so I'm not going to be going for minimal or pay-as-you-go plans. Easy international calling is another big plus.

Any other suggestions? In particular, if you've tried using a cell in Santa Cruz, what's worked for you? I'll be buying a phone in the next day or two.

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