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Quest #1: Halloween: Success

This Halloween, I was on a mission. I wanted a picture of a Dalek making out with Dr. Who. If you want something done right... (pictures courtesy of patrissimo):

A better shot of the costume:

Fewer people recognized the character than I'd been hoping. One person asked if I was a form of candy...

The panels are halved, spraypainted racquetballs over cardboard. The headpiece was my first out-of-the-lab foray into electronics. Many LEDs paid the ultimate price for my ignorance about proper resistance. They shall be remembered with honor.

Quest #2: Hair: Success

A few weeks ago, I went to Glama Rama with linley, with the goal of messing with our heads.

Mine was much less drastic than hers:

This is a day-of picture. It's combed strangely in the picture; it's actually a big contiguous chunk of hair that is deep purple at the top and fades into blood red at the bottom. I was hoping for white tips, but my hair refused to bleach past yellow-orange.

Side quest: Movies: Pending

pabw forgot to edit out things he didn't like from our queue this time around, so we ended up with 3 movies I'm much more interested in watching than he is.

  • Memento: Deals with a man with severe short-term memory loss. A Pava-movie, if that means anything to you. Oscar Nominee.
  • Water: Explores Indian cultural issues with widows, lesbians, and prostitutes. The director is well known for producing Indian movies with substance. Oscar Nominee.
  • Legend of 1900: By the director of Cinema Paradiso, one of my favorite movies. It follows the story of a pianist who never leaves a cruise ship.

We'll probably watch at least one of them tonight in MV with some take-out sushi and hot chocolate ^_^. Comment/e-mail/IM if you're interested.

Tags: hair, movies, pictures

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