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PLs had it coming...

I've been up for way too long, but the SML is almost done. I had to write raw #$!#$ PostScript! I appreciate that Stone is getting creative in his assignments, but really. All I have left is a pic command to PS translator. (yea, "all" I have left. Its only 30% of the points after all). I made some headway on my paper and algorithms, but I'm staying up tonight too if I actually want to get both done.
I haven't done any clinic... yes, I'm a horrible slacker, though its at least partly because I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing right now. I can code nearest neighbor: I sorta have, though I tried to use as much comp geo as I could, so its not exactly optimal. I should just use MATLAB's built in magic. At least the client is happy.

I'm also supposed to read and correct the IDMEF draft (>100 pages). Rick started it last night and and hour and a half later was on page 18.. bleh. 2 units of research is 8 hours of work a week or more: who knew?

Anyways, if anyone sees me wasting time before Wednesday, tell me to go do work, eh?

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