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What's Orange and Looks Good on Hippies?


This is day 8 of this nonsense. The side the press isn't talking about is that these crazies are breaking into science buildings and trashing labs whenever they can, as a protest against science in general and molecular biology in particular. This does not fill me with the warm fuzzies for our mayor (though this is Santa Cruz, after all.. what did I expect?)

The physical sciences building, which houses chem and biochem, is all but shut down (all classes canceled or moved), and I just got an e-mail to tell me that the engineering buildings across the street are being threatened and are going on lock-down this weekend. I'm glad I don't have to be on campus >_<. There is talk of the crazies scaling the walls of the main CS/CE building.

Worst of all, the only nearby coffeeshop is down until the end of the protest. I don't think they'll need riot police. I give it a week and a half until there is a caffeine-starved zombie army of engineers and scientists who just chop down the trees the platforms are in and make the entire discussion moot.

Tags: fuckingstupid, ucsc

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