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[Meme] Year in Review - F*cking with Clusters

About [Meme] Year in Review

Previous Entry [Meme] Year in Review Dec. 9th, 2027 @ 09:04 pm Next Entry

  • JAN: 22 hours and 3 countries later, P and I are back in the land of copious amounts of meat and traffic lights that are more than polite suggestions.

  • FEB: I've recovered from a long day of ... well, sitting, since neonelephant was awesome enough to drive me home the entire way (and take a rather assy flight back) after my car was fixed up.

  • MAR: I finally took the plunge and am going to try Netflix to get my anime fix.

  • APR: Reading the poem refined my perspective of the video. Imho, its a beautiful analysis of the nature of fear.

  • MAY: To mess with the hibernation / sleep settings on the macbook, you have to manually change your power management options using pmset.

  • JUN: Apparently, I'm still crushing on the slightly scary absolutely never-going-to-amount-to-anything-but-just-maybe-might crush of doom. [Edit: No, it never amounted to anything ;-) ]

  • JUL: When I rule the world, intentionally recording feedback onto an album will be punishable by a grapefruit spoon to the ear.

  • AUG: The last 2 weeks have been packed with ups and downs.

  • SEP: Anime Expo 2007 was at the Long Beach Convention Center, a confusing mess of a venue that has a deceptively simple layout.

  • OCT: In trying to find my 2:00 class, I forgot I had a noon class on Mondays.

  • NOV: It's pronounced 'Ahn·jol·rahs'.

  • DEC: Apropos of a conversation at krchicken's due-date party last night:

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