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Not clinic

...so its gotta be good.

I've spent way too much time on clinic today, and we're still not done installing windows on the clinic box. Still, I ate dinner on clinic money today so I feel somewhat obligated (well, that and I'm paranoid now that Thom wants to fail me for being a crappy leader). The only reason I wanted to be leader is because I really hate coding, unless its something elegant and useful to me... and this usually means I simply won't do it. If I knew there was such a large math part I could do, I'd have never been leader, but now I feel like I have something to prove.

Though, I'm definitly not going to be a good leader if I can't do better time management. I played Diablo until 4am, and wouldn't have stopped then if he hadn't mentioned that he needed to wake up in the morning. Its so much fun, and the conversation is worth missing sleep for.

Hmm.. its funny how e-mail from Levin still totally makes my day. In case anyone reading this is interested, we're planning Civ for the Saturday of fall break. First 6 people who reply to me win. (possibly 5 if Greg (Mulert) is interested).

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