Avani (avani) wrote,

Firefly Fanfic + "Holl"

Forwarded from planet_matt


Sci-fi writer Steven Brust wrote a Firefly fanfic novel and published it free online.

Also, on a tangent, do you use (or have you even heard) the term "holl"? Is it something I'd pick up if I watched more trashy sitcoms? Am I just no longer with it enough to know modern slang?

According to my 18-year old brother, the term is short for "holler", which is an affirmation (e.g. "Give me a holler" = "agree with me"). The particular case this came up in was:

7:45:47 PM Bro: do you have an iphone ?
7:45:58 PM Avani: No, but P does.
7:46:03 PM Bro: holl

Tags: fanfic, linguistics

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