Avani (avani) wrote,

[Bay Area] Theatre Tickets

I have two tickets to the 30-below party at the Berkeley Rep on Friday that I won't be using. (There has been a bit of breakage. See later post).

The show is Figaro, and the 30-below bit is:

Join us April 25th at 30 Below
the coolest party for the 20-something crowd!

Tickets ($13.50-$18.50) include

$2 French Martinis before the show.

8pm performance of Figaro.

Post-show party featuring live music by Magnificent 7 DJ Collective, drinks by Firestone Walker Brewing Company, and catering by Pasta Pomodoro!

The tickets I have only work if you're under 30, and they check your ID for age at the will-call (I figure it should be easy to just transfer the name on the ticket). If you want to go, e-mail me and they're yours for the low price of telling me if the show is worth going to once I'm better.

Tags: theatre

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