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[Bay Area] Concerts!

Once again, it's summer, and I'll be in the Bay Area. What does this mean...? Summer concert season!

I've already bought tickets for:

I'm very likely going to:

If other people are interested, I'm thinking about going to:

  • 6/25: Indigo Girls at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz. The club is right across the street from my apartment, so there is easy crash space. The downside is that it's a Wednesday night.
  • 7/19: Feist at the Greek Theatre, U.C. Berkeley. This is a donation-only concert, and I've liked many of the Feist songs I've heard. Think Tori Amos x Jewel + a bit of Kimya Dawson - TheAngst.
  • 8/27: Journey with Heart and Cheap Trick, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View.

This post is subject to change as more interesting concerts are announced. Let me know if you're interested in joining me (and, frequently, inferno0069) for any of these!

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