Avani (avani) wrote,

Robots, Monsters, and Shameless Plugs

Sample Robot from http://www.robotsandmonsters.org

"RobotsandMonsters.org is an effort started by Joe Alterio to trade original commisioned art for donations to a good cause."

This quarter, the good cause is Electronic Freedom Foundation. EFF is also known as "The guys who smack down RIAA", "The people fighting for network neutrality", and "The ones who will convince the rest of the country that the DMCA really sucks".

For a $50 donation, you get a 6"x6" piece of original art. You choose robot or monster, and you also specify 3 words to the artist to drive the drawing.

Get your own robot monster and give to the EFF!

Tags: art, eff, shamelessplug

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