Avani (avani) wrote,

Tequila Party! (From the Shamelessly Stolen LJ Post Department)

"From an email we (hopefully) sent to all those who already responded:

Survey says...

Party in Mountain View!

The party will be held at Tortuga, Mountain View, CA. Saturday 6/27, 7pm till whenever you're done with good booze and better company.

Bring some tequila, appetizers, and, most importantly, a discerning palate.

See you soon!
-- Chris (inferno0069) and Avani

In case anyone wants to come who didn't really want to commit when there wasn't a date, now's your chance!

Most of you know where Tortuga is and how to contact one of us, but if not please comment here. There's also a wiki page with tequilas (and potentially other stuff) that people will bring; I can IM or email you the address but I can't publicly post it here.

Previous posts are here and here. "
Tags: party, tequila

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