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[local] Getting Rid of Stuff

In a similar vein as patrissimo, I'm also getting rid of a ton of stuff in the process of consolidating 3 apartments and moving.

Less crappy stuff up for grabs (list will get much longer as I go through boxes):

  • Large Escaflowne movie poster, basically pristine.
  • Large Star Ocean 3 poster, less pristine.
  • Some never-worn t-shirts from E3s of yore: FF11 XL (claimed), Quake 4 XL, a game I don't recognize XL, Google XXL.
  • Books: Beginning Java (claimed), Software Requirements, a new java coffee table book (seriously)
  • Yamaha keyboard (a slightly older version of this: http://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-YPT210-Full-Sized-Keyboard-tones/dp/B000UUA9P6/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=musical-instruments&qid=1251407618&sr=1-7). It works great, I love it to death, but we're buying an upright (100+ yr old!) piano for the new place and Chris has a nicer keyboard, so it's superfluous. Would like a bit of money for this one.

These and the rest of the random things we're getting rid of will be out at the Tortuga garage sale this Saturday afternoon. If you want anything on the list, claim it :)

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