Avani (avani) wrote,

FYI: Contacting me

I still don't have internet at home (the man who built our house somehow managed to sneak past the inspector without installing a phone line, so we have to sue him to get the money to dig up a bunch of street to get one put in. Good times.) and T-Mobile doesn't work reliably inside at all (I'm very much looking forward to the CDMA Nexus One), so I've been having some serious contact issues.

We're still moving in. We built and filled another bookshelf yesterday, and we have 4 boxes of desks upstairs waiting to be put together. We're getting some thicker, derrière-friendly carpet installed next week along with a new cork kitchen floor, since I've decided that tile combines poorly with a propensity to put dishes near the edge of tables. I feel like the place is really coming together.

Back to work!


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