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Thank you for choosing Anthrax...

(I wrote this on the train home, but didn't get around to posting it)

Saturday: Realize I suddenly have no ride to an 8am interview in San Diego -> reschedule to noon.


8 am - Get a ride to Union Station. We get lost and stuck in traffic, arrive at 10.

11:10 - I've missed my 9:40 AMTRAK train, so I get on the next train.. this will only make me later by an hour, right?

3:00 - Nope, spoke too soon. The train starts late because they are using it in a movie filming, and afterwards it stops 5 times for passing trains, weight stations, inspections, and thats what they told us. Well, at least now I'm in San Diego.

3:30 - Actually get to SPARTA, after meeting an interesting recent Russian immigrant cab driver. I'm not sure what it is with visiting cities by myself and getting hit on by strange old Russian men. For some reason, this one (Piotr) reminded me incredibly of Rowan Atkinson.

5:53 - Back at San Diego Station. Interviews over, they seem to like me! Unfortunately, the last regular train is a 5:50. Time to curl up into a ball and cry. No, not because I'm stuck in the station: because I'm stuck in the Wi-Fi hotspot station with my laptop and without my wireless card. Also, the "cheap" walking distance restaurant another taxi driver pointed me to was $30 a plate. Maybe I should go work as a taxi driver.. skanky train station burritos are a BadIdea.

8:20 - Wrangle a train/bus combination to get me home. Union Station is eerie in the middle of the night. Especially after the mood reading Neville Shute's On the Beach on the way back put me in. I'm just going to shut up now and pretend I'm not afraid of nuclear holocaust.

( note to curious readers: where I was going in San Diego is about an 1.5 hour drive from Mudd )

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