Avani (avani) wrote,

Talking about Biocomputing

Dear LazyJ,

I'm giving a 20 minute talk about computers and biology to a potentially large, very mixed audience in a week(!). I have not yet written said talk. I'm trying to narrow down what parts of the intersection of bio and computing to cover, and trying to get the point across that even bioinformatics has problems that involve science for the CS side (as opposed to just rote system building / data analysis). I also want to give a broad overview of the biology and computing research intersection.

What sorts of topic would you expect to see in a talk titled "Computers and Biology: Beyond Gene Sequencing" that has been crammed into a Data Science track (for absolutely no good reason. It's like they didn't even read the abstract :/).

In other news, it's jobhunt season. I had a great talk today with a guy I knew a bit at Mudd, but never really spent time talking to. He's a CS prof in a department that's hiring. I know nothing will come of it, but it's still a tiny bright spot in a long bleak tunnel.

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