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Do YOU know what the queers are doing to the soil?

Pulling an all-nighter. I say pulling because I have yet no conclusive proof that the sun has risen today. ( this is the correct time, since I'm at our clinic computer ).
I did have the amusing instance of running into Stone while carrying a supply of the nasty green stuff back to the clinic room... he asked if it wasn't a bit early for that. :-)

Oh, and I think I've been here long enough that I'm starting to develop a liking for Captain Jack. I'm scared. And Ejwu is a punk, since he has all the music I like enough to listen to, but not bother downloading myself, so every song has this little "oo, _that_ song, nice!" instead of just fading into background noise.

This has been an entirely random and sleep-depped post. All statements null and void where prohibited by law.

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