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artemis_lizzie 102%
spiffystuff 99%
istar 98%
2gouda4u 96%
martian687 96%
silentmonster 95%
lorimt 95%
ceph 94%
theonlyasd 91%
pmb 91%
goteam 91%
amoken 91%
ywalme 91%
y2fizzy 89%
ziqueenmab 88%
leech 87%
morganlf 87%
willworker 84%
vkrafft 84%
conorfrog 80%
snailprincess 80%
solkanar512 80%
patrissimo 80%
magicpacket 80%
memnus 76%
koshall 72%
tortoise 72%
jmpava 69%
ejwu 69%
cubetime 65%
iainuki 61%
bennj 58%
regisman 54%
How compatible with me are YOU?

... Is there actually a bug in nesting LJ-specific tags, or am I just being dumb?

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