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lookit me! i'm not doing clinic. not clinic is the most funnest thing in the entire world!.

I'm writing instead, which I haven't done in way too long. i miss having curtis around to bounce story idea's off of; I don't think i'll ever find anyone that critical of sci-fi writing.
The other problem is that a lot of the stuff i have now I started last year, and am not sure I can still wrap my head around it the same way.

Oh, and the fun thing i've been writing is an addition to the Rouglet's ABC. Ya know, the one that has the verse:

Cobalt's metal, hard and shining;
Cobol's wordy and confining.
Kobolds topple when you strike them;
Don't feel bad, it's hard to like them.

in it. Well, I think its funny at least. If anyone's curious I'll send you what I have so far.

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