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And she goes Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Visiting Mudd was all kinds of fun. I got to see some alums I don't see nearly enough in addition to entirely too many people I had no idea how much I'd missed in the last few months, all thanks to Melissa who talked me into going down and gave me a place to stay. I also met several very cool frosh, which was neat if a little wierd.

The Doctors' and Nurses' party was fun, relaxing, and fairly well populated. Props to Conor and his suite.

The Civ game was less relaxing, but also much fun. Advanced is an entirely different beast from normal Civ, so I didn't (and still don't) have an innate feel for the perfect combination of moves to maximize profit while seeming non-threatening. Of course, I was told afterward that I actually do unconciously take advantage of my inherent "non-threateningness" when playing, which makes me less sure about the random factors that influence my ultimate startegy (e.g. if a player, let's call him "Ejwu" for sake of reference, is able to see through the persona but happens to have what I want).

Also, there was some interest in a marathon showing of the anime series Noir (7 DVDs) at Mudd in the vaguely near future. I've got the first 6 DVDs and am willing to come out there as soon as the 7th comes out (a bit under a month from now).

Ok, bedtime really... because _I'm_ not a silly psycho frosh who sleeps 4 hours a night. If you're reading this tonight, Sleep. Now. No passing go, no $200, no biscuit, and no shiny little fairly at the end of the game. Well, maybe the fairy, but only 'cause you're not going to listen to me anyway ;-)

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